COVID Aware and Self Care Workshop

An evidence informed facilitator-led workshop that focuses on stress awareness and emotional wellbeing during the COVID-19 crisis. Exploring factors which may increase stress response, the program aims to debunk current myths, provide accurate government information and explore effective, practical strategies to support the transition for those working from home. Acknowledging the impact to people with pre-existing mental health disorders or to those who find themselves overwhlemed from the stress of social isolation to changes to everday life and/or lack of access to services, this workshop is designed to introduce the concept of self-care and the application of practical tools and resources for maintaing wellness.

Workshop objectives

▪ Raise awareness and improve understanding regarding the nature and impact of COVID-19 to individuals and communities.

▪ Increase knowledge on the negative impacts of over exposure to COVID-19 information that can lead to burnout, anxiety, and depression. 

▪ Equip individuals to manage the impact of the office to home transition and explore strategies to improve the work from home routine and maintain a work life balance.

▪ Identify and encourage evidence informed self-care strategies to engage in wellbeing activities to support mental health.

Provide information for individuals to access support to better manage the impact of COVID-19, including government sites and key mental health resources.

Allow up to 50 minutes to complete all three parts of this workshop.

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