The Invisible Illness – Working through Anxiety

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This 40-minute program provides a confidential and safe environment, where individuals are engaged through the use of interactive activities, and exercises enabling the identification and use of anxiety management tools to be used immediately and ongoing as a preventative measure to reduce or better managing anxiety.

This course uses practical steps to assess, manage, and reduce an individual’s anxiety using the tools and techniques included in this computerised cognitive behavioural course.

It also teaches individuals about anxiety basics which includes a seven-question survey, to assess anxiety levels. Individuals will also learn useful strategies for coping with anxiety, including relaxation training and monitoring for anxiety triggers.

Using an early prevention/intervention approach, this course will assist an individual to gain a better understanding of emotions, reactions, and behaviours.

This program has been developed by WorkPlace Interventions to help individuals assess and address anxiety. The fundamental understanding of a mental health problem is based on the concept that thoughts, feelings and behaviours have been significantly impacted. One of the key goals of this program is to help individuals recalibrate their thoughts and feelings so that they may learn to experience and live a happier life.

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