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Introduction to Psychological First Aid In The Workplace

Psychological First Aid (PFA) in the workplace offers a targeted intervention and support to those responsible for managing the critical incident response and/or managing those employees who have been affected by a traumatic incident.

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The Invisible Illness – Working through Anxiety

Using an early prevention/intervention approach, this course will assist an individual to gain a better understanding of emotions, reactions, and behaviours.

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Change Management – Working through Change

This course is designed to help employees or managers, to contribute more effectively to their team and/or organisation by utilising strategies and tips on how to work through workplace change.

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Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

We all have our own needs, wants, goals and values. However, we must work together and build relationships to achieve most of goals we have in our lifetimes, such as achieving workplace objectives, marriage, creating a family, and contributing to society.

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Managing Workplace Stress and Anxiety

Work-related stress is best described as the physical, mental and emotional state of workers who perceive they are unable to meet with their work expectations or demands.

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Creating a Mentally Healthy Workplace

Creating a mentally healthy workplace is about building on the positive aspects of your working environment and taking steps to reduce any risk factors for stress. A mentally healthy workplace has employees that are productive members of a team. A positive working environment is everyone’s responsibility.

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WorkPlace Interventions eLearning Portal

Welcome to the Workplace Interventions eLearning Portal. WPI’s vision is to empower people with knowledge by upskilling and educating staff through an evidence-based approach. We are renowned for delivering the highest level of education and training in our classrooms, our aim is combine our highly effective education and training with the power of eLearning.

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