Vicarious Trauma Unveiled: Navigate, Prevent, Intervene, and Thrive


This course helps you enhance your understanding of how organisational support and working conditions, informed by research, influence mental health outcomes in high-risk roles.



Explore a dynamic learning journey with interactive content, videos, and resources. Earn a digital certificate upon program completion. 


  1. Before You Begin: Use the latest browser version; enable pop-ups for a smooth experience.

  2. Program Overview: Review program objectives and complete five sequential lessons.

  3. Program Summary: Reinforce your learning by reviewing the program summary, and consolidating key concepts from each module.

  4. Time Allocation: Dedicate an hour to complete the course; add 40 minutes for optional resources. We recommend spreading the program over multiple sessions for optimal learning.

  5. End-of-Course Quiz: Test knowledge with a concluding multiple-choice quiz.

  6. Troubleshooting: Ensure browser compatibility; avoid mobile completion.

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